Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Generation

There is something about Miley Cyrus that makes me intrigued with her and follow her on Twitter. When I step back, I see that she is confident in herself. She doesn't become obsessed with all of the bad things people say about her. Miley knows what she wants, and she is determined to get that. She is driven and hard working woman.

On the other hand, she drives me crazy. She her actions sometimes point out things that are wrong with my generation.

This generation, with the help of famous leaders, are on a road filled with drugs, poor attire, and 'dgaf/yolo' lifestyles. And these leaders and praising it! They are clapping and saying "Good job! We are making change! Stick it to your parents and all of the haters!". With a mixture of 'hipsters' and 'swag', most of these kids are grabbing hold of their 'dgaf' (don't give a fuck) ideas and forgetting the consequences. People in my generation are forgetting to create beauty and art while they are at it! Throw together some auto-tuned voices and computer sounds and that is it. No artwork, no books, no poems. Just fake 'music' to party to while they lift their egos, it is all about the individual. And because they are centered on having fun and parting, they are running with what they feel in the moment. They have been letting their emotions control them.

It reminds me of the Romanticism movement, A caricterist of that movement is the focus on feelings as ultimate truth. It is as if the movement is repeating and becoming less and less beautiful. In the beginning there was beautiful poetry, like John Keats, then in the 1960s, like the Beatles (Everyone can agree they were artists in their form of art), and now the music is centered on getting "pussy, weed, money".

Another thing that is a disappointment is that teens and people in their young twenties are getting tattoos that mean barely anything. I have seen people who get tattoos simply because it seems like the style. Don't get me wrong, I do really like tattoos. However, I believe that tattoos should be seen as a beautiful art form, not an easy way to fit into a style.

Lastly, it seems as if electronics are stealing our hearts. Life is out there, with trees and sky and human contact. Go dark. Delete your Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and experience life. Or go without it for a week and see how you feel afterward. I promise you, it is well worth it.

I do have a large heart for my generation. I am not bitter or angry. I want them to understand that they need to open their eyes. Remember, your life is longer than this crazy party this weekend. Life is more than emotions and life goes past the internet. You are worth more.